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Who are we?

We are graphics, internet and software studio located in Pilsen. Our experience goes back to 1996. We are working on a wide range of contracts for small and midsize businesses. We offer our services in the field of graphics and advertising: Logo production, graphic manuals, advertising and production, websites, 3D visualization, 3D animation, custom software programming and more.

Why should you choose us?

  • Longterm expirience in the field
  • Friendly attitude and smile on the face
  • Remarkable ideas, unique custom designs
  • Great references from our prestigious partners
  • Nice prices and reasonable delivery times
  • We are still learning new stuff

Where can you find us?

Dílenská 3, 312 00 Plzeň, Czech Republic

Dílenská 3, Plzeň

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Corporate identity

Logo and the graphic manual creation

We will design a logo or a graphic manual for your company or organisation. Each company's visual style is based on a logo which is frequently the only mark representing the entire company. Therefore, it should be unique so it can be easily remembered. The company logo shloud be used according to cerain rules and with uniform style so people can memorize it.


The logo usage uniformity will be assured by the graphic manual. It sets up a set of rules for "How to use the logo and how not to". These rules will assure that the logo, printed on whatever promotional or company material, is going to fit into the uniform graphic style of your company.

Robotika – Plzeň
Gastropolis s.r.o.
Lukrena – zemědělská společnost
Summer Musical Festival
Střechy Bergl
Baluci – men & women


Websites, e-shops, applications

Our goal is to offer a quality service in the field of web presentations to you. Your new websites will be designed from the individual graphic design to the final realization and the search engine optimalization. Besides the classical desktop website realization we are offering the responsive webdesign for mobile devices.


Of course, each website comes with our own content management system with intuitive controls so you can easily manage the content of your website. You can choose from a wide range of components such as ordering forms, visitor books, polls or discussion forums. We do not turn our backs to our customers - our technical support is always ready to help.

Animations and videos

We can create intelligible and high quality animations and video instructions to help your customers in better understanding of your offered products or services.

3D visualization

Do you need a high quality picture of your product but you do not have it's photography? Do you have a technical drawing and you cannot imagine what it represents? Do you need to see something before the production is started? We can create a high quality 3D visualization of your products based on various materials. It can be your product, houses, machines, packaging and a lot more. Visualization also takes its place as a mean of creating high quality and "clean" pictures into catalogues, presentations, e-shops and more.

3D vizualizace
3D vizualizace
3D vizualizace - Domovinka
3D vizualizace
3D vizualizace
3D vizualizace


From the initial design to the final realization, we will process your company's or promotional materials in a professional way.


We are rich in experience in the field of doing so. Except for the creativity, quality and professional processing requires a whole scale of other knowledge and experience, whether it is a follow-up printing and production technology or currend trends and tendencies. We will create materials that will attract the reader and pass the needed information. We will prepare everything beginning at the logo draft, through the company materials (business cards, letterheads, envelopes, invitation cards, company folders etc.), promotional materials (catalogues, brochures, promotional flyers, cards, ...) up to web advertisement campaigns. Besides that we will design various company reports and forms, commpany folders, vouchers, coupons and notebooks. Additional services such as photographing your prodacts are a matter of course.

Klinika Medical Beauty – Estetická medicína
SARO - Zakázkové truhlářství
PAZS – Pořádková a zásahová služba
Robotika Plzeň - Průmyslová automatizace
VEMA – Prodej, servis, půjčovna nářadí
Lukrena – Zemědělská společnost

Software production

You do not need universal editors such as Excel for data editing anymore! We can create any software that will register data and spare time and work for you. Good example is stock records or contract management. As a component we can create a form or contract generator, various calculations system and statistics. Even the connection with your websites is possible. Data could be easily exported into various formats or printed and presented elsewhere.

Výroba software
Výroba software

Indoor and outdoor advertising

Do you need to mark your premises? To make an advertising sign? To plaster you car in a traditional or very unusual way? Or do you just need an advertising sheet? Contact us! Of course you will see a preview before the realization. We will prepare proposals of a complete labeling of you premises, advertising signs, sheets on fences or scaffolds, labels for buildings or rooms, orientational arrows, maps and many other things according to your wish. We will provide a complete construction of the exhibition stand.

Ukázka polepů automobilů
Roletové stojany

Promotional items

We are offering a wide range of the promotional items - heap or luxurious items with imprint according to your wish.


We can deliver promotional textile with anything embroidered or printed on it. Your design will be vectorized modified or created from scratch. We preffer individual approach. We offer the high quality screen printing or a low-cost print.

Potisk triček – Monkey, dětská herna
Potisk trička - kemp Sázava
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We make the world more colorful, join us!
We make the world more colorful, join us!
We make the world more colorful, join us!
We make the world more colorful, join us!

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