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Year-round psychorelaxation and rehabilitation project "Cuddling with horses" for children with autism spectrum disorder

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The "Cuddling with horses" project was started in 2013 as a service for children with the autistic spectrum disorder and their families. Since 2013 the base of the regular participators has grown and the interest for "Cuddling with horses" is growing every year.


The project takes place every year from friday to sunday except for Christmas. Families that come to "Cuddling with horses" with their handicaped children are not only from Ostrava but form many other cities of the region (for example Frýdek Místek, Bohumín, Karviná, Havířov). In the year 2016 we are even registrating interested people from Brno.


The project helps children with ASD to rehabilitate and socialize, integrate into the joint activities, relax, expirience and learn new skills through contacting and communicating with a living animal. Appropriate and safe communication of the child with the animal not only by riding the horse, but also by its treatment - grooming, hoof cleaning, guiding, feeding and other small activities are part of the project.


All activities take place under the control of professional assistants of the children and professional stable workers. The choosen horses are specially trained and ready for the work with such a handicaped children.

Important part of the project is the presence of the family including the siblings. Shared joy and experiencing things together if fundamental for every family, especially for the families that care for a child with autism. The project "Cuddling with horses" is helping with this family expiriencing.


Further information about the "Cuddling with horses" project can be found on www.forhelp.cz including a rich fotodocumantation.

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